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Cloud Computing: Is There a BpaaS Consortium?

Co-opetition in the cloud

SaaS / BpaaS Growth
We are seeing very clear predictions about the growth of SaaS (Software as a Service) market in the next several years, also very close to the concept of SaaS enterprises are looking for BpaaS (Business Process as a Service) which aims at end to end delivery of a complete business process, which is ideally satisfied with a single SaaS offering or a combination of multiple SaaS Offering.

Interoperability Concerns
While this gives a rosy picture about the growth of the SaaS and BpaaS towards lifting the entire tech industry and the associated business, we are seeing some great concerns in terms of adoption.

  • How do enterprises find a Business Process that satisfies the certification rules of being called as BpaaS
  • Where are the areas that a BpaaS for a particular segment (say manufacturing) should cover in each of it's offering
  • How do the various BpaaS Offering provide inter operability choices for customers
  • Can a enterprise transparently change, BpaaS providers without disruption to business
  • What are the mandated continuity of support , each BpaaS provider should fulfill so that the over all interests of the enterprises are protected.

Is There a BpaaS Consortium?
As I continue to stress the need for Community Clouds, which provide a foundation for a BpaaS Consortium, only nonprofit and collaborative bodies can solve the interoperability concerns. Otherwise we will find several smaller Cloud Providers coming into the picture but the enterprises will continue to be skeptical about the interoperability concerns and vendor lock in or vendor going out of business.

While I get a good response to my industry SaaS Offering Series with providers show causing more products, the real need for these standardized bodies have the ultimate need for the growth of both cloud services providers and the cloud consumers.

Some of the questions to be answered in this regard are:

  • Is there a BpaaS Consortium already to address the areas of Business process as a Service and the interoperability concerns
  • Who are all the members of such a consortium
  • Is there any attempts to form such a consortium
  • What are the options to join such a consortium.

May be the IT leaders are already thinking about one and will come into force shortly.

Coopetition occurs when companies work together for parts of their business where they do not believe they have competitive advantage and where they believe they can share common costs. So this concept is not really new, and considering the benefits to the over all industries by having a BpaaS Consortium, it is worth to start one or strengethen the existing forums towards the interoperability and adoption goals.

It is very clear that the concept of Coopetition is going to be highly relevant in BpaaS Since it will take a while for the large enterprises to adopt BpaaS for their Core competitive areas rather they will initially adopt BpaaS for relatively non-strategic areas and hence a BpaaS Consortium is the need of the hour.

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